Production Services

Inferno provides a full range of production services tailored to your project’s needs.

Bulletpoint_2Boarding and budgeting your project

Bulletpoint_2Preparing cash flow analysis

Bulletpoint_2Setting up single-purpose production company

Bulletpoint_2Opening bank accounts and tax accounts

Bulletpoint_2Arranging waivers, work permits and immigration clearances for non-residents

Bulletpoint_2Arranging preliminary travel and hotel accommodations

Bulletpoint_2Setting up location scouts and provide location photo files

Bulletpoint_2Providing up to date resumes and reels for key creative positions and organize subsequent interviews

Bulletpoint_2Facilitating access of local crew for production

Bulletpoint_2Accessing 45-50% Manitoba Tax Credit and Credit Enhancements:

Bulletpoint_2Frequent Filming Bonus (additional 10%)

Bulletpoint_2Manitoba Producer Credit (additional 5%)

Bulletpoint_2Assisting with deeming non-Manitoba labour

Bulletpoint_2Providing support and expertise throughout production